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What a great blessing we had by God’s grace to travel through Romania and minister in the gypsy church of Munteni. We thank God we had been invited to be able to continue to encourage the precious saints there. At the same time, they reached out to us and asked if we could help in making a difference in this area and expand the church by building a balcony...


What a great privilege and honor to be in the northern part of the Republic of Moldova where we had the privilege to be at the wedding of a young couple. Here in our countries, we are still marrying men and women and we are so privileged that the family has remained as God intended. This is the daughter of Brother Rubin who is the bishop of the northern region of Moldova that we have spoken about many times...


We have a great opportunity in the city of Ploiesti, Romania, where we went to dedicate the new church (above) for the gypsy community which was purchased by the grace of God through our partners in the United States. We want to say thank you so much for this dream to become a reality for this group of gypsies where they have a place to worship and to glorify the Lord. 


As we travel here through the land of Romania we continue to have great opportunities to minister among the gypsies and we see a people group who are forgotten, persecuted and looked down upon. The Lord has helped us to be close to them in a house church and as you can see in the picture, it’s just like during the time the apostles went from house to house preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.


What a great honor and privilege as we traveled through the Republic of Moldova. I had the privilege to go and share the Gospel in the town of Slobozia Mare where people gathered together outside. What a privilege this is after being inside and locked down. All of these people came and took in the free air as they were hungry to hear the Good News of the Gospel.


As you may know, here in Eastern Europe we have the opportunity to celebrate Easter on a different date than the US which was on the 2nd of May this year. Before that date we were able to be in the village of Turbata to deliver food supplies to 55 families (above) in these communities of gypsies. What a great honor to work alongside our partners and continue to share and reach them with the Gospel and with

compassion at this time.


What a great blessing we have to sponsor a missionary from the Ukraine who is in the war zone called Donetsk where the Russians occupy them. The houses have been destroyed and in spite of all these difficult times they continue to work and serve the Lord. We had the opportunity to fellowship with our partners in the Ukraine for 3 days hearing words of encouragement and a time of refreshing and blessing.


By the Grace of God, we want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunities during this fruitful time. Even though the travel has been limited in different nations, the Lord has helped us to continue to reach into the country of India. They have been very dear to us as we minister alongside Pastor Joshua. The Lord helped us do a seminar remotely with pastors from different areas who needed to be encouraged as we were blessed to be able to refresh and minister to them.


We were honored to travel once again to the country of Ukraine.  It was a great blessing to visit them and participate in a seminar with a young evangelist and share the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We encouraged them to fulfill the great commission as we see the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ very soon as we all have a mandate from Him to press forward.....


By the Grace of God, the Lord opened an opportunity for us to be in the Republic of Moldova in the end of 2020 and into the beginning of 2021.  It has been a blessing to be able to visit the widows and churches, to be an encouragement in spite of the pandemic.  We were able to come together knowing the Lord is with us!  He is faithful and will take care of us in spite of all...


Even during the pandemic, as you call it in the United States, this past year it has still been an honor and blessing that the Lord helped us to plant a new church along with a former colonel and disciple in one of the poorest and unreached areas in the Romanian mountains called Lacul Babei.  God continues to bless us as we work together in this area of Vaslui.